Goddess Kaylie – Beta Loser Test Do You See Pixels

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Duration: 20:43s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

You must know that you’re a beta, but do you know what kind you are? Do you know where you stand? Are you the kind of beta who can get away with watching naked women on your screen while they’re being pounded by fat cocks? Or are you the kind of beta who should have absolutely everything with the potential to turn you on fully pixelated? I have an easy way to find out. I’ll just activate beta vision and all you have to do it stare. It’ll show you what you’re allowed to see and what you’re not. We’ll start with pussy, since if you can see that, surely you’ll be able to see everything else. But if you can’t, we’ll move to something a little less advanced. Then we just keep going until your view is finally uncensored, and you’ll know where you stand.

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