Goddess Jessica – Skinny Cage Dweller

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Duration: 17:57s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

You’ve been in a cage for weeks now. You’ve been neglected. You’re fading away, mentally and physically. I don’t care at all. I brag that I water the houseplants more than I water you- they’re worth more after all. I don’t care about your wellbeing at all, in fact, it turns me on to watch you wilt and wither. I offer you some lint from my slippers and you greedily eat it up. I laugh about my plans for you later. You’ll be cooking dinner for me and my boyfriend tonight. You’ll have a ballgag in so that you can’t sneak any little nibbles. I tease you with my pantyhose feet and giggle about your stomach growling. You’re our caged cuckold, and I can do whatever I want with you. Starving you has been the highlight of our month!

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