Goddess Jessica – Extinguishing Your DGJ Addiction

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You’ve been serving me as my dedicated, online submissive for so many years. You own almost every clip I’ve ever created. You’ve always been such a good boy by following my orders without hesitation. You spend on me whenever I wish. As instructed, you’ve been isolating yourself at home on the weekends, worshipping me for hours. Whenever you bring up your lack of a social/dating life or the fact that you’ve remained a virgin all these years I tell you that your free time is best spent pouring over my content. You do as I say but you can’t help but feel like I have permanently altered your personality. It feels like time is running out for you to get back to normal and have a chance at being in a happy, vanilla relationship with a woman, to share a life with someone. You can tell this has gone too far. You’re about to cross the threshold of becoming a permanent weirdo. I can sense how serious this is becoming for you, so I convince you to see me IRL for the first time ever. You do and it solidifies these feelings. This has become way too real for you. I’ve spooked you. You shy away. You want to end our relationship after all this time. You finally dump all of your emotions all at once on me that night via email. You tell me how this has been affecting your life in a way that scares you. You want this to be over. You no longer consent. You have one last wish. You ask me to create a video clip, just as I have in the past, only this clip will undo everything I’ve ever done to addict you to me. This clip will dissolve all of my triggers, everything I’ve ever implanted in your mind. You just want to be normal. You just want to undo the damage. I’m hurt and I’m shocked, but I agree. This video clip sits in your inbox come morning. *Immerse yourself in the perfect atmosphere I’ve created for you- WEAR HEADPHONES* *Unlike all my other clips, I don’t actually want you to close your eyes when I tell you to in THIS particular clip. Eyes wide open for the duration of the clip.*

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