Goddess Jessica – Cage Gremlin

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Duration: 16:5s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

What have you become? Did you ever think you’d be locked up in a metal pet cage, groin swaddled, and completely emasculated for days on end while I hang out with my friends with not a care in the world? Well, here you are. This is your life now. I come home from the gym and start mocking your existence. I shove my sweat-soaked socks down your throat and insist that your rub your fingers over that little clitty in your swaddle sack. It hurts, the way I talk down to you and degrade you. The way I don’t even let you touch me, all you get is my post-gym feet in your face. But hey, at least it’s something. Any attention, no matter how humiliating, is better than no attention. You’d rather live in a pet cage in my living room than go the rest of your life without me. Just another pathetic ex-boyfriend….

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