Goddess Jessibelle – It Only Gets Worse

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Duration: 7:55s
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You should be thanking me for taking your money, humiliating you, and making you feel like the loser POS that you are. For taking everything from you and making you feel so bad. Leaving you with nothing! One day your sad little loser dick won’t get hard anymore. When your little dick cannot get hard anymore you will have NOTHING. You will be a broke loser with no hard dick. THANK ME for allowing you to do this for me. I can do whatever I want with a loser like you and you will beg for it. When you’re left with nothing your purpose will run out and you won’t be of any use to me. You’ll feel humiliate, used up, but your dick won’t get hard again. No one will give attention to the broke loser like you. When I take all of your money and you cannot pay me what I deserve, then you are no use of me and I won’t ever talk to you again. You might be pussy free, but now you can swear off all sexual activity and be left with nothing to be happy about. I deserve it all and I am very good at taking it. I always win.

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