Goddess Jessi Belle – Shut the Fuck Up Moron

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I find it offensive how one person can be so fucking stupid. YOU are that person. How do you go through life being this stupid? I am shocked you remember to breathe. People as dumb as you always seem to have an opinion about the dumbest stuff. Idiots like you argue about things that no one cares about! People that are fucking stupid and useless as you are should be shipped off to an island with other idiots so you can talk in a loop with the rest of the morons so the rest of us never have to talk to someone as fucking dumb as you. Your face should stay shut so the rest of us that aren’t stupid like you don’t have to suffer through it. It is so horrible and awful that we have to deal with people like you. You just don’t know when to quit. You just keep talking and talking even when no one wants to hear it but you just keep going like you think what you say matters. No one wants to listen to someone with the dumbest fucking things to say. No one fucking cares about what you have to say or what you think or what your opinion is. Just shut the fuck up already!

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