Goddess Jadah – Rebirth of Primitive Arousal Meditational

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Duration: 29:25
Quality: 854x480

I want to take you back to a natural state. Before the hectic nature of our world overwhelmed you, and you felt as though you need to be two steps ahead of all your feelings, all of your words, all of your desires. I want to bring you all the way back to a simple state of mind, a primitive state of mind where you need not focus on anything but your basic instincts. The urges that surge through your body as you indulge in this experience are your center of gravity. I actually have found that with so many distinct sensations we experience every day we become numb to the true pleasures of this world. Its as if every day your basic livelihood has brought this monotonous blanket to shield you from true euphoria, and today we will be removing that, layer by layer, piece by piece.

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