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You want so badly to become a member of My religion, IVYISM. Let’s see if you can get through this clip first. The most powerful being in existence, I devour you in seconds. I collect you and keep you in My closet of lost sinners forever. Unable to escape once I pull you into this goon trance there is no way out. I let you take your seat before Me, among the rest of My brainless gooning disciples. I allow you to gaze at My gorgeous mouthwatering curves and you are compelled to pump. The more you goon the more permanently long after you wake up from this trance you feel the need to worship Me. In the passenger seat to your own mental reprogramming, you gaze in awe as I change your brain forever. Molding you more and more with every pump, you wake up from this trance craving to fall right back in. Watch this clip after you have watched all of My induction and trigger clips, in that order. Wear earbuds or headphones and dim the lights too.

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