Goddess Isabel – Thank Me For Denying You With Your Cash 1920×1080 HD

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Duration: 07:15
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

I know that you love to jerk that pathetic cock because you are a wanker. I love hyp n0 t!zing helpless wankers. And as I hyp n0 t!ze you, you will jerk your cock but you will never cum. Follow my voice as you begin to relax all of your muscles. Relax and keep following my voice down deeper into trance. I know you can’t resist. You can’t say no to me. There is nothing you can do but surrender. And when you are in deep in my trance you will follow all of my commands. I want you to jerk your cock for me. I know you can’t resist my voice. You just want to surrender. I’m gonna turn you into a fucking pathetic wanker slave. You were already a wanker slave. Keep following my sensual voice as it takes you even deeper.Now jerk that cock and know that you will never cum. Just jerk it until you’re about to cum. I know you can’t resist my spell. I know that you’re about to cum now so Stop! Now you will send me a tribute every time you are about to cum and you stop jerking that pathetic cock. Now keep following my voice and start jerking that pathetic cock again. Good boy. Jerk it again until you’re about to cum. Get yourself to the edge. Now stop. Tribute. Thank me for denying you with your cash. Now jerk it again. You know that you will not cum but you can’t stop. You can’t resist your cock. You will never stop jerking.

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