Goddess Harley – I Forgot to Tell You 1280×720 HD

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Duration: 08:19
Quality: 1280x720 HD

Oh I honey, I forgot to tell you I’m fucking other guys now because your cock is so small. Hes coming over right now. Do you think I look OK? Oh and after he gives me a good pounding we are going to dinner so Ill need your credit card. Don’t cry, its not like hes a total stranger. You know him and hes superior to you in every way. I mean, just the fact that he beat you out of that promotion should show you how great he is. Actually, since hes gonna be the boss here at home too, you’re gonna have to move your stuff out to the garage so he feels better about coming over to give me dick. Oh and you should offer to wear our used condoms on your face so he really feels welcome.

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