Goddess Fiona – Undeserving Sub 1920×1080 HD

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Duration: 12:58
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Such an undeserving Sub you are… poor you. Never will you EVER be granted the privilege of seeing the perfection which lies beneath my robe… IE. my naked body. Yet, pathetic as you are… you are completely indebted to me, aren’t you? You are practically drooling at my feet because when you’re a good boy, you get rewarded by seeing the smallest parts of my body…. you live to see the sliver of my breast, the slight glance at my leg… the way I tease you with my pussy and you can’t see it, even though it’s RIGHT THERE… oh Subby, you are so undeserving! You are captivated by my voice and the way I move my body… by the way I bring you to orgasm through all other sensations. You love that I will never give you exactly what you want… its what you really crave, deep down. And that’s exactly why you’re so undeserving. But I am such a gracious goddess that I will still instruct and allow you to cum… even though I deny you all access to my body, And that is why you will keep coming back to me, isn’t it Subby?

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