Goddess Evelyn – Virgin Males Should Be Neutered

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What should we do with adult virgins? That’s a good question….obviously there is no point to them. They are totally useless sexually. Or course, they should stay that way. They don’t deserve pussy. But I think we need to take measures to ensure that they won’t ever try to have sex again. There are a few different ways that we could go about this -pussy aversion, bisexual encouragement, chastity. But I think My favorite is to neuter them. What do they need balls for? They aren’t real men. I end this session with CEI. Virgin’s should definitely swallow their cum…their sperm should be eaten as soon as it comes out. It’s not being used to make bab1es, so it should be at least uses as food. Eat up virgin. CUSTOM VIDEO. Contains the name Adam.

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