Goddess Evelyn – Sexy Oily Body Worship

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Duration: 21:30
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

You’ve won a contest to have a real time session with Me, and a chance to learn what it takes to worship Me. You’re a new worshiper, so you’re excited, but you don’t know if you can last. I tell you that if you want to worship Me forever, you’ll need to last longer than a few minutes. I plan to tease you with oil for 20 minutes, and you have to last the whole time. If you cum before you’ve been given permission, you’ll never be allowed to be in My presence again. I start off rubbing My feet in oil and with a JOI. Then I move to My ass, and cover it in oil and I jiggle it and shake it. Ans the finial challenge is My naked boobs. Maybe if you last for this whole video I’ll give you a shot as worshiping Me again in the future. This video has light humiliation.

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