Goddess Evelyn – Self Suck CEI

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Duration: 19:55
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

I start off this clip by teasing you with My body, and getting you ridiculously horny. You can’t think when you’re horny. As you get hornier and hornier I finally open up, and tell you what I have planned for today. You’re going to be sucking your own dick! I’ve always thought that you look like the type of guy that could really suck some dick, but I know you’re too afraid to do it on someone else. So why not start with your own and build some confidence. I make you flip your legs over your head and start with the tip. Every few minutes I give you a break and let you edge in a more comfortable position. After a while I have you start thrusting into your own mouth and give you a countdown. Cum down your throat when I get to 1! You know, for someone who claims not to be gay you certainly look really gay. I mean, you do have a cock down your throat and your face is dripping cum…

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