Goddess Evelyn – Medicated GOON

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Duration: 23:39s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Your masturbating addiction is ruining your life. You spend all your money on femdom porn, and you cant maintain a relationship. You masturbate all day long and you are desperate for help. You find a clinic online that claims to help with these types of problems. You get there and it looks sketchy, but you’re so desperate you don’t even question it. A nurse leads you down a dark hallway and has you take some medication. She doesn’t really tell you much about it, and soon you start feeling weird. Your vision gets blurry, and you start seeing triple. You see 3 of the same nurse in front of you. She begins teasing you with her sexy body, and having you repeat phases after her. She had told you she would help get rid of your addiction but really she is making it worse. She is rewiring your brain to go deeper. She makes you goon for her. Stroking over and over as you go mentally deeper and deeper. You feel more and more helpless but you can’t stop. Finally she lets you cum, and tells you that you’ll need to come back to make the results permanent. You have no idea how much worse your addiction is about to become.

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