Goddess Evelyn – Censored Loser Goon

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Duration: 09:44
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You’re such a fucking loser. You don’t deserve to even worship My body at all. You don’t deserve to look at it, or masturbate to it. Losers like you only deserve censored loser porn. No tiddies, no pussy, no ass. You can stare as hard as you want at My blurred out pussy, but you’ll never be truly satisfied. I want you to get to a mindless state while watching this. Completely give in and surrender to the physical feelings you have . Feel how good your cock feels, and shut off your brain. While you stare and stroke, I’ll be feeding your subconscious with humiliating truths about losers like you. I’ll reinforce that you don’t deserve to watch regular porn anymore. Censored loser porn for life.

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