Goddess Evelyn – CEI Roommate Agreement

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Duration: 20:45
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

You’re My roommate, and our rooms are REALLY close together. For months now you’ve been getting complains from Me about your masturbation habits, and the mess you leave behind. I’ve finally had enough, and invite you into My bedroom for a very serious discussion. I yell at you, and humiliate you. Calling you disgusting and a sexless loser. After I get all that off My chest I offer you a deal. You get to jerk off to Me this one time, and I’ll strip in front of you and show you My bare tits. And in return you delete all your porn and agree to never jerk off again AND cum in your mouth for todays session. Even though you know this deal isn’t really in your favor, you quickly agree at the chance to see My naked tits. After you’ve been stroking for awhile I tell you to suck your own cock for Me. It’s the only way I can be sure that you’ll swallow when the time comes.

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