Goddess Evelyn – Born To Be A Cuck

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Hi My bullied boy. I want to talk about your dick today- or rather, your lack of one. I really want to make you understand how useless it is. How pointless it is. That thing is not a dick. It could NEVER pleasure a Woman like Me. I need REAL cock. I’m talking 9 thick heavy inches.That’s the type of deep fucking that I need- that I crave. It wouldn’t be natural for you to fuck Me, obviously. But it is for him. It’s as nature intended. So I want you to be My cuck. I want you to sit in the corner while a REAL alpha man pleasures Me. Then I’m going to make you suck his dick. I don’t care if you’re not gay. You’ll do it because it makes Me happy. You’ll do it to get a taste of My sweet pussy. You were born to be a cuck. The sooner you accept it the sooner you can begin to enjoy your new life.

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