Goddess Dri – Teased in Chastity

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Duration: 10:13
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

You have been locked for how long now? I have no idea. I locked and forgot about your cock. I know you are already frustrated, right? You want to touch yourself and cum. Your body NEEDS to release all of that sperm accumulated. You wouldn’t even know your dick is there, if it wasn’t for that cage, since that cock has been so useless nowadays. I know you just want to stroke that cock and cum for me, but do you think you deserve to? Because I don’t think so. You don’t deserve being release from that cage so today you will be teased into frustration. I haven’t seen you being good in a while so you need to be reminded of your place. Watch my body moving and teasing you. My beautiful curves make your mind enter into a deep submissive state of mind where you just want to be a good boy and give me everything I deserve.

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