Goddess Dri – Custom clip Shiny legging heel worship

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Duration: 10:28
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

This was a custom order. This was the custom ” I’ve heard about boys like you, shoe lickers, heel suckers, shiny leggings fetish slaves – and here you are. On your weak knees in front of me – begging me to walk all over you, degrade and humiliate you, treat you like the dirt under my heels. And paying me to do it! You are such a weak, pathetic slave to your fetishes! Look at me! I look amazing! A Brazilian goddess, and all you can think about is being treated as my doormat? You want to lick lick the soles of my shoes? Suck on my heels? Suffer beneath my heels as I scratch your body with them and grind my heels into your nipples, you want me to walk all over you, grinding the soles of my heels on your face?! I have no problem with that – Oh – and you have a shiny leggings fetish too?! You’re such a perve! You’re a weak shiny legging heel licking submissive slave boy, begging to suffer under my heels – perving over my shiny leggings craving to be treated like the dirt on my shoes. I TOTALLY understand, you never had a chance ever being with a Brazilian Goddess like me so you want to serve me, lick my heels, be my doormat, entertain me, pay me to humiliate and degrade you. (looking down at slave on ground, full view of soles of heels, legs, and face) You can’t resist your desire to submit to your fetishes, you can resist your craving to get on your knees and submit to Me. Tell me how bad you want to submit to Me in my shiny leggings and high heels! You’re so pathetic! So weak! And I have multiple pairs, they’re dirty so time to start cleaning bitch! My beauty, leggings and heels bring you to your knees – that’s OK – stay there. You belong on your knees, on the ground, beneath Me. You’re such a weak shiny legging heel bitch! So easily controlled, by Me, My leggings, My heels – you tell Me your weaknesses, ask Me to exploit them and use you and you pay Me to do it!!! Keep begging to be treated like dirt, repeat after me – “I am a weak shiny legging heel worshiping bitch for Goddess KittiDri.” Tell me how bad you want lick my shoes repeat how weak you are for my beauty, shiny leggings and high heels. Repeat again “I am a weak shiny legging heel worshiping bitch for Goddess KittiDri.” Insert this mantra wherever You want.”

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