Goddess Dri – Custom clip Life as a Slave

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Duration: 21:19
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This was a custom clip made with love. The custom was the following “OK, in my fantasy I have applied as Your slave and You locked me in chastity for over a month. The clips starts with You, talking about the email I sent You. I saw a clip of You in Your hotpants and now I am begging for release because I almost forgot how it feels, and a pair of Your panties to smell. First You smile, but then You get really serious… I don’t seem to understand what slavery means. Who do I think I am to ask such a thing of You? You are my Goddess, the meaning of my life, and I dare to treat You like a Prostitute… You will teach me how to behave in Your presence. You want me on my knees. There is a reason, why I’m wearing the chastity cage. It always reminds me that You own me. You want it to hurt, You want me to be always eager and horny. Chastity is a wonderful tool to form slaves. It will make me so submissive, and the longer I am in chastity, the more willing I will become to do whatever You want me to. The more You humiliate me, the more addicted I will become to You. You remind me of the form that I filled out when I applied to be Your slave. You saw that I listed some taboos. Did I really think, that a slave can bring his own wish list with tasks he wants to perform? No, You are my Goddess, my owner and You will decide, how I will serve You. The only right I have, is to bow down and say “Yes, Goddess!”. You will make me prove my devotion again and again with humiliating tasks. When Your boots are dirty, I will lick them clean, when You return from the gym, I will take off Your sweaty shoes and socks and massage Your tired feet. So I wanted Your panties? The only thing I will get are Your sweaty socks, and I will even pay You for them. I will worship everything about You. You know how much I love Your perfect ass, how much I would love to touch and kiss it. But only real man are allowed to do that. You think it’s funny, that toilet training is a taboo for me, because it’s Your favorite fetish. Nothing shows the power that You have over a man as much as making him drop to his knees when You You tell him You will use him as a toilet. You love the fear in a man’s eyes, when he opens his mouth and awaits what’s coming. You will train me slowly; first I will learn to handle the smell, then I will start cleaning Your dirty toilet paper. And very soon, I will be under Your divine ass, and You will **** directly in my mouth. But not today…Today, I was begging for a release, and You will remind me how good it feels to cum. But it’s not me who is cumming today. You call Your boyfriend. He enters, You start kissing him and playing with his dick. This is a dick that can please a woman, not like mine. That’s why I’m locked up and he gets to fuck and cum every day. And I will show him respect, too. I will give him my credit card, so he can take You out and spoil You. You play some more with his balls and tell me, he came just yesterday, and they are already full again. You want to know how humiliating it feels to be locked up for months and watch You play with his big dick. You smile, as You take a condom, and slowly put it on his hard cock. You tell me, it’s going to be even more humiliating, soon. You will make me watch him cum and then I will eat all his sperm from the condom. (It would be super hot if I could see him give You an orgasm, but if You don’t do that, I would also like to see him just cum from a handjob). You make me thank him for showing me how good it feels to cum and for feeding me his cum. This is my new life as Your slave now, in chastity, eating his cum and Your ****.”

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