Goddess Dri – Breathe and Relax

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Duration: 11:43
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Are you tired? Stressed? Stressed from work maybe? From a long day, week, month, maybe even a very long year? I am here to help you relax, you just need to focus on me, on my voice, my pretty face… You can relax in any way you want and just watch me, you will forget about the world every time you watch this, every time you listen to my sweet and seductive voice. Follow me and focus on my voice, allow yourself to relax under my guidance, allow yourself to feel the warmth and peace I can bring you. This is a safe place to be and the best place you can go to. Watch me seduce you and don’t miss this chance of achieving this calm state of mind and finding this beautiful place where there is just you and me.

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