Goddess Dri – Born to be Worshipped

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Duration: 04:58
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

I was born to be worshipped. I am a beautiful Woman, even perfect I would say. I was really born to be worshipped and treated like a Goddess. Born to have men at my feet handing me money, poetry, and art. I was born a Goddess, I don’t call myself as a Goddess for no reason, no… I deserve to be put on a pedestal by all men. I guide men to be better, to be their reason of life, to be their focus. I am superior to men and I love that. I love being superior at every gift I receive, at every beautiful word that is sent to me. Your job is to make me smile, to make my life happier and easier, and that means that you will find a way of bringing a smile to my face without me having to give you any kind of orders, giving orders certainly does not make my life easier, it only makes your dick hard about having a dominant Woman telling you what to do. Listen to my seductive voice while I guide you in the path of being a better man, for Me.

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