Goddess Christina – So Much Edging Watch Worship Stroke Obey

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Duration: 15:58s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

My body looks so amazing covered in teal lace. You’re growing hard already. Just as I expect. I want you to stroke that throbbing cock for me today. I want you jerking it good and hard while you worship me. Everything about my perfection has you in awe. You love what I do to you. How I make you feel. Nothing compares. I want to see how far you can go. How long can you last? Jerk that hard dick over and over pushing yourself right to the edge of pure pleasure. Right there. Again. And again. And again. Emmm I make the pain of not cumming feel so good. I do plan to allow you to cum for me today. But you must edge repeatedly before I allow it. Sooooo much edging for your Goddess! I’m the perfect tease. Seducing you to obey me effortlessly.

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