Goddess Christina – Live for Goddess Christina Pain Pleasure Sacrifice and Obedience

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Duration: 13:56s
Quality: 1280x720 HD

Pain, pleasure, obedience, sacrifice. I demand it all. I want you to feel me creating that ache inside you. I can do it like no one else can. That growing pain and need for something you can never have is much stronger when you worship me. You’ll never get me out of your mind. I’ve woven my voice, my body, my perfection so deep inside you that you can never get enough of me. GODDESS CHRISTINA always spiraling through that head of yours. I move my body seductively and cast a spell over you. Pain and pleasure. You can feel it. You can’t resist it. I want to make it hurt! The pain that feels so good you can’t shake it. Pain/pleasure. It’s what you need. Live for ME. Be my slave forever. Give in and give your ALL.

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