Goddess Blonde Kitty – The Simulation GLITCH

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Duration: 18:28s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

*The most MINDFUCKING clip ever created!* Welcome back to The Simulation. The system has reported a number of glitch events causing interference in this timeline. Have you begun questioning the nature of your reality recently? Have your dreams felt like memories? Have you been experiencing increased amounts of Deja Vu? There is no need to worry – I simply need to run a few tests to evaluate the stability of this timeline, and memories of this experience will be erased. You may begin to feel some unusual physical and emotional reactions, but this is to be expected. Just sit back and relax as I review the code in your programming to see if this timeline simulation can be repaired, or if this reality requires termination. **Make sure you also purchase the first instalment “THE SIMULATION” for the ultimate mind-melting-mania**

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