Goddess Blonde Kitty – The Impossible JOI Challenge

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Duration: 19:14s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

You might be wondering what makes this JOI challenge impossible. I’ve created this clip to be so damn hot, so arousing, so utterly cock throbbing, that it’s impossible to last to the end. But go ahead subby, try it. Try and last, as I oil up my ass cheeks and bounce them in your face. Try and last as you stare up from the floor at My slippery body, My glistening tits, My glossy lips. And one more thing – throughout this insanely hot JOI clip, I’m going to give you multiple cum countdowns to trick your cock into exploding, I’m going to tell you to cum as I use My body to destroy that submissive mind. I bet you’re so programmed you won’t be able to stop yourself, so of course you will need to pay a penalty for being a naughty boy! Buy this clip, and try the challenge of lasting to the end. You won’t 😉

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