Goddess Blonde Kitty – Stroke and Smoke

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Duration: 21:12s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

You’ve summoned a Genie, and you’ve definitely lucked out. She’s one of the most attractive beings you’ve seen in your life! You’re offered the opportunity for three wishes and while she explains the rules she catches you staring at her. Seeing an opportunity in this, you’re given the chance to use one wish for mind breaking ecstatic pleasure. But of course, you wouldn’t want to cum to quickly and waste this opportunity, so she suggests you use your second wish to prolong the experience. But soon, everything becomes quite messed up. You start to realise that she really did mean ‘mind breaking’ pleasure, because all you want to do is cum, but you can’t even think anymore. It’s a good job you have that last wish saved, isn’t it so you can finally get the release you crave? It’s just a shame that your mind will never be the same… Some sections are filmed in 250fps (Ultra Slo-Mo) – for extra mind melting fun, indulge in some inhalants or adult beverages during these parts 😉 This clip was designed to be used with toxicating substances, however your enjoyment won’t be hampered if you don’t imbibe as I made it enjoyable for watching sober or not.

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