Goddess Blonde Kitty – Resurrection Of The Goddess

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Duration: 21:43s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Kneel before me, human. I have been in existence since the dawn of time, and worshipped as a deity ever since. And yet, I have awoken from my deep rest to see your loss of faith, to see you worshipping false idols. Make no mistake. I am your creator. And I will be your destroyer. You have ruined the potential I gave you by worshipping and bowing for others when it should be MY name on your lips, MY presence that you crave. And now it will be MY mercy you beg for. I will consume your mind, piece by piece, until my divinity and the taste of chaos is all your mind can conceive. This is my best clip yet. You can use substances when watching this to enhance the experience, but it is not necessary because your mind will be fucked up either way!

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