Goddess Aura – Youve Been Hacked Virus Downloading Now Youre Fucked

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Duration: 11:4s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Goddess Aura! If you download this clip, a virus will be uploaded to your computer. Well… talk about stupid! I told you what this file would do. I told you not to download it. And yet here we are. It’s alright slave, just relax and go deeper as you stare at me and my body. Yes, that’s right… just relax as my virus has been running for about 30 seconds now. It’s too late for you now slave, so you may as well try and enjoy this… You’re fucked. I own you now. You will do as I say and you will keep me pleased. You’ll soon realize how important it is to keep me pleased. You see now my little program has ran its’ course, now it’s had it’s digital tendrils into every little corner of your device. Or should I say my device? I have your passwords. I have your accounts. I can lock you out instantly, whenever I feel it and make you do anything I want, however costly that may be. And maybe then you can have access again…but you’ll still be using MY computer sub. I can look at your screen. I can look at everything you’ve typed. And I can look at you…because I’ve hacked your webcam. I see you there with your rock hard cock in your hands. I’ll have you trained soon, you can only touch that horny dick when I allow it. For now though I want you to keep stroking, yes that’s right, stroke to what I’ve done to you. Stroke to your new life, full of fear. You have been infected bitch. You want me to take over your life, I know. I said don’t download this clip..you read the description and still bought it? How dumb and pathetic! My virus is doing it’s work, it is sending me all kind of information from your computer. Credit card info, social media logins…you are fucked. Shall I start to send out some emails from your account? Shall I post some humiliating pictures to your social media accounts? Shall I use your credit card to shop? You are so scared but so hard…because fear is your natural aphrodisiac. And that’s why you love me, because no one else is capable of terrorizing you like I do, darling. So now ask yourself once again… Have I kept Goddess pleased today? Have I done enough for Her? Will she get bored with me? What can she do to me? ANYTHING. I can do anything to you and, guess what, you will thank me for it. You will send me tributes of thanks as I tighten my grip on you. As my virus squeezes you for all your worth. Any time, any where, I can strike. I can tease you, maybe just release a couple pictures online… maybe your social media? Now wouldn’t that be fun? I can taunt you, making you watch as my cursor moves through the laptop, adding more viruses, skimming more files to add to my blackmail-fantasy library. Or I can really fuck you. Take all your savings just like that. After all, it is my money, isn’t it? You know well enough you need to keep me spoiled. And now you’ve realized the most important lesson. It is my computer, it is my money. You should be grateful that I’ve even left you just the tiniest bit to get by. I’m far too sweet, and you, my little bitch, need to keep me that way. Otherwise my viruses that are now just lying in wait, they will act… and just think of all the emails they’ll send, all the pictures they’ll post! You’ll be so fucked it won’t be fun anymore… And you don’t want that! So do what you need to do and send me big, fat tributes – Right fucking now! Keep pumping now, pump the fear, my little blackmail-fantasy puppet. Let that cock twitch for me. It is not yet time to regain lucidity, it is better for you to stay like this, horny, desperate, dumb, in need of my control and my Aura.

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