Goddess Angel – Breaking In The New Roomie 1280×720 HD

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Duration: 10:22
Quality: 1280x720 HD

Your roommates kind of a bitch huh? You couldn’t help yourself when you saw the ad online, sure it was pricey, but upon meeting your new roommate.. You just couldn’t pass up the opportunity could you? She’s addicting to be around, with a dominant aura, and bratty demeanor, you found yourself craving her absurd demands. First, it started with doing her household chores, then it was running errands, now, it’s at an all time low. You are the dirt beneath her shoes, the garbage she makes you throw out, the scum she spits on when she feels generous- you are nothing to her, and it turns you on. It fuels you with a sense of undeniable pleasure, you found yourself falling into her diabolical clutches. You are now a slave, and will be punished like a slave when she seems fit. (This clip contains ball busting, face slapping, financial domination, sub punishment, spitting, and ass worship.)

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