Goddess Angel – Born to serve 1280×720 HD

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Duration: 13:24
Quality: 1280x720 HD

It started with a little fascination, you came creeping onto my twitter, or perhaps my clip studio, and found yourself intrigued. Almost as if you subconsciously gravitated towards me, pushing yourself onto the pathway of mindless subservience. From the moment you saw me, you knew you wanted to be a “good boy.” Isn’t that right? The notion of being owned, bound and chained for a superior Goddess sent tingles throughout your body, a strange sense of comfort settled into your bones… How could this feel so natural, at just a mere glimpse? You were born to serve, destined to be a good little bitch for Princess. Even the thought makes your toes curl, and it doesn’t help that my soft, yet firm voice carried you right into my clutches. Then need to serve me is slowly consuming you, carrying your thoughts to distant places, and letting the void fill with nothing but G O D D E S S A N G E L…. It feels good, doesn’t it? To no longer participate in this “facade” you find yourself in every day… You’re no man. You are object. An item. A toy. A total, and complete slave, through and through. Soon to be mine, but not quite. You’ll have to earn it, ask that starts with accepting your new, and improved lifestyle. All revolved around me… Perfect, right?

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