Goddess Allexandra – Schoolgirl Fantasy Mindgasm Trance For Beta Reject Losers

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Duration: 10:18s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

In this mesmerize clip, Goddess Allexandra employs many mesmerizing techniques to keep you slipping in and out of trance. There is ear to ear whispering, ASMR, voice and video overlays, and unique vocal techniques and cadences that will keep your brain fuzzy and your mind confused and open to absorb everything your weak brain is being fed. I am so glad you could come to study group, I have always wanted to get you alone. There’s something I want to tell you, something that everyone else is too afraid to tell you but I don’t mind telling you the truth. In fact, I quite enjoy it. Me and the rest of the group, we all think that you’re a fucking loser. You’re not like us, it’s obvious that you don’t belong here or anywhere. You don’t measure up. And soon you will be nothing without me. You see I know how weak and stupid you are. I know that you try to pretend like you’re not a loser but isn’t that so difficult when you really are one? And because you’re such a fucking loser, I know that I can get deep into your head. You see I know how fucking horny I make you. I know that you are weak for me and I am going to destroy your ego until there’s nothing left. I will slip into your brain and I will control you, I will occupy your every waking thought. You wanna be a good boy for me, don’t you? Yes, I know you do. You want to goon your pathetic life away to me. I can tell because your cock is already rock hard for me. You wanna touch it, don’t you? Well luckily for you I want you to stroke it, you cannot resist. Stroke your loser cock for me. I’m going to make you jerk to me and all the other bratty girls at school who don’t give a fuck about you. You were made to be used like this. You will always be a stupid gooning loser who strokes his life away. And I can see that you don’t measure up and you never will. Your cock is tiny and women will always want more than you have to offer. And now I’m going to put you under, deep in trance. (Snap.) You wanna be my good boy, don’t you? Yes, you want to be so obedient for me. You’re so fucking turned on. I can see it. You’re such a fucking reject. But it feels so fucking good, doesn’t it? Now 3, 2, 1 (Snap) Back in the room stupid lol. You have a specific weakness which makes you easy to control and easy to manipulate. And no matter how much you pretend that you’re not a loser, everyone always knows that you are. It radiates from you no matter how much you try and hide it. You will never be a real man. You are tiny and pathetic. No one is ever going to want you for who you are and that will eat away at you. No form of psychoanalysis is going to cure you. You are trapped. So weak and horny for me. I’m putting you in and out of trance, fucking with your mind. You don’t know what’s real and what’s not. You keep drifting off only to find yourself back in the room with me. And it’s making your loser cock so fucking hard, isn’t it? You feel my hand wrapped around your brain as I squeeze you for all you are worth. You will always be a fucking beta. And the popular girls will always take advantage of you. You were made to be destroyed. To have your masculinity stripped away. Stroke that tiny cock as I fuck with your mind. That feels so good, doesn’t it? You’re so fucking weak. You want to ruin yourself for me, don’t you? You need to confess your filthy habits to me because no one else wants to listen to it. You’re so lucky that I’m doing this to you. Allowing you to show your true self. I see you’re drifting off again, you can’t stop me. That space between your ears is so empty and you want me to fill it up. Your fuzzy brain can’t help it, you will achieve a mindgasm. And once I give you that, there is no turning back, you will be mine forever. I will own you. I’ve wanted to destroy you and rebuild you like this for so long. You will goon your pathetic life away to me forever. Stroke for me, you are nothing without me.

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