Goddess Allexandra – Cucky Clean Up 1920×1080 HD

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Duration: 09:51
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

I have just the job for you, Cucky. Oh, and it is a privilege, which you have worked so hard for. Firstly, you can suck the outside of the condom, to taste my sweet pussy, and then, you can slurp up my real-man’s cum. I’m also going to hang my panties over your face, i know you want to taste those. Everything about my man’s cum is superior, it’s thick, there is lots of it, and you will soon know how good a real-man’s cum tastes. To you, he is an alpha. He get’s everything you don’t. My man has the honor of enjoying my body, feeling my soft skin with his big hands, kissing my neck, tasting my pussy, and he get’s to fuck me. I would never fuck a weak beta male, like you. I am a goddess, and i deserve the best. You exist to pay for my hot lingerie, the hotel rooms, and our dates. I make sure i give my cucky treats. You wait until you hear all the filthy details, i do enjoy teasing you. I will also tell you how i am going to feed you all that sperm.

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