Goddess Alexandra Snow – Tantric Orgasm Training Part 2

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Do you struggle with any of the following? Difficulty with: – Staying erect for a desired length of time- Having a full, pleasurable erection- Maintaining an erection without having an orgasm- Having frequent orgasms that are more than “maintance”- Feeling that you need more excessive stimulation to reach orgasmI hate the term “erectile dysfunction” because it makes men believe that things are broken. The only thing that needs to be broken are bad habits. These are all very common issues that often stem from mental and physical habits concerning your sexuality. The good news is that you can fix these habits and your body–and mind– can be retrained. Instead of forcing pills down your throat, let’s go for the source of the issue. Who better than me to guide you through: a beautiful, knowledgeable, dominant woman who will keep your cock firmly in line. I have developed a program of erotic exercises to help break bad habits and reformulate new ones. So, you’ve worked hard and followed Tantric Orgasm Training I very carefully as instructed? Excellent. Let’s proceed to the second level. We’re going to go beyond holding an orgasm back and stopping ejaculation and now work on prolonging the sensation. We are going to increase the time spent in the most intense parts of masturbation until you can hold off orgasm as long as required, allowing you to experience more pleasure. Focus on breathing and maintaining your tempo as I instruct. We will also begin to lay the groundwork for multiple orgasms.

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