Goddess Alexandra Snow – Stroke When Youre Sad

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Duration: 10:26s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

I know that it’s been a bit of a rough year. You’ve been feeling more sad than usual. This won’t last forever, you know. There are ways in which we can push aside those dark feelings and feel good again. One of those ways is paying special attention to your cock. It’s not a surefire cure for all sadness. But when a pick-me-up is required, all you really need is my voice and your hand. We can alleviate the sadness together. Give yourself an orgasm to help relieve the fog of sadness and anxiety. Do you want to please your Goddess with a tribute? Surely, you want to express your gratitude for all of the amazing content available to you. Add any of these markup codes to your purchase to show your true devotion.

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