Goddess Alexandra Snow – Findom Cuckold

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Hello my little cuck. I’ve been having such a fun time with you. I love to tease you with all of the stories and videos of my fun with my lovers. I know you love it too. You love to imagine how big my lovers’ cock is. How well hung he is. How good he fucks me. You love to hear me talk about it. Today I have a little surprise for you, cuck. I don’t have just one lover. I have many lovers. Men, Women, and everything in between. They all lavish me with pleasure and orgasms. Honestly, I don’t know how I keep up. So our little arrangement is going to change. You’ve been paying for my dates with just one lover previously. But now you’re going to pay for all of them. Every single outing, every lavish gift, every orgasm. You’re going to pay for each bit of pleasure all my relationships bring. You’re basically going to fund my sex life, all while getting to see or experience none of it! That’s the best thing a cuck can do honestly. All you need to do is sit there in lonely agony as you shower me with money and my lovers make me cum over and over again.

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