Goddess Alexandra Snow – 50/50 Chance to Cum 1280×720 HD

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Duration: 18:52
Quality: 1280x720 HD

I’m just crazy for stroking games! This one is going to be REALLY easy and has the best odds for you to win. I have got a bag of backgammon chips here, half red and half black, in a black velvet bag. I’m going to let you stroke when I pull out a black one, and then tease you without allowing you to stroke with red. I am going to make you edge over and over, building up the most massive orgasm ever. Nearly 20 minutes worth of starting and stopping with my patented tease. We are going to keep doing this until all the chips are gone, and on the last chip… well… if it’s black, you will get to explode in the biggest mess of boy spooge ever. If it is red? Well.. I have a lovely little cock cage right here and you won’t get to cum for quite some time. Think you’d like to take this gamble?

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