Gala MV – Mommys Sweet Boy

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Hey sweetie, you see me in the kitchen… are you hungry? I’m making your favorite dish. You like my dress? Thank you sweetie. You’re such a sweet boy. Your dad doesnt even give me compliments, but you tell me I look beautiful and you like my makeup and hair i did today. If I wear underwear? Well, no I never do sweetie…You have a surprise for me? What is it sweetie?… What? Do you wanna eat my pussy? Omg! You shouldn’t tell me these things… well you know what it has been so long…. ill let you eat my pussy and ill show it to you but first show me your cock… Such a big boy! Now we gotta be quiet because your dad is in the living room! (Story + conversation + teasing lasts 6 min).Now cum put your tongue on mommy’s pussy. Lick and kiss my clit, thats how i like it… you do it so well my boy… keep eating my pussy until I cum (oral to mommy lasts 7 min). Then I give you somme mommy’s loving… Before I suck your cock I need to confess that I haven’t sucked dick in so long. I’m so excited to suck your cock, I enjoy it since the moment I taste the tip and your precum, to when I suck you and gag on you until the moment I lick your balls. I wanna taste how sweet my boy is so I ask you to cum in my mouth. I swallow your load, but now I want you to fuck me doggy style (BJ and swallowing (no cum showing, just swallowing) lasts 10 min). I take your big cock, and it’s so good you make mommy feel like a cock crazy slut. I know I wanted us to be quiet but your cock is so good. I ask you to cum inside me, you shoot your load in me and I push it out. SUch a messy boy, I told you I don’t wear undies…I’ll be leaking your cum from my pussy running down my legs. Now it’s time to go clean up messy boy, I think I heard your dad, he must be wondering why food is taking so long! 😉

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