Gala MV – Its Just a Dream Daddy

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Duration: 23:53s
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You open your eyes and you see me, on top of you. What is your daughter doing on top of you? I mean, you have a boner. I can see it through your bedsheets! Well, you’re dreaming. At least it is what I tell you… Shhh… don’t freak out daddy, it’s just a dream. Not real. I’m wearing a schoolgirl outfit, Is this how you dream of me? I love it daddy. You’re making me your naughty b a by girl. I suck your cock while I softly talk to you about how it feels to have my warm face against your cock and how I take care of you. You made the perfect girl for you, daddy. I know how to please you. You blow your first load on my face and tits, and then, like a good girl, with a facial all over me, I get on top of your cock with my round ass facing you. I ride you, you fuck me raw, and because your pullout game is weak with me, your daughter, you cum inside me. You creampie me. You give me another load. All of your ba b ies on my face, tits, and in my pussy. The next morning, we talk, and I ask how you s le pt and that it’s strange you woke up so late. You tell me about this weird dream…it’s funny, I think I had the same dream. Was it the real thing or just a dream daddy?

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