Funsizedasian – First Date Sph and Cuckold

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Duration: 16:15
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

I can’t tell whether you’re turned off or simply being polite, but I’m not seeing any movement in your pants. Unless you have something to hide? Well, with my ex, he was so big that I could get myself off just by grinding against him fully clothed. So, pull yours out for me now, I can’t wait to see — uh…? Is that really… all you… wow. Maybe I should tell my girlfriends you’re the tiniest guy I’ve ever been with. I bet they’d find it funny that I lucked out with a hot date, only to find out he had the cutest little dicklet. They’d definitely tell me to ditch you and find another guy. Even better, we’ll invite one of your bigger friends to satisfy us while you watch…

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