FitwifeJewels – Jewels and Jillian Weathers – Sexy Girl Time

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Jillian reached out and sent a message. We chatted about fitness and being bisexual in the swinging lifestyle….One thing lead to another and all of sudden she was in Dallas….. We had a great time getting to know each other. We realized we live very similar lives, open-minded and not adhering to society norms. I could feel the intensity rise the more we talked. The conversation came to a close as our body language started to intensify. I could hardly hold back. All of the sudden, I felt a feeling start between my thighs. I needed this woman. But with great anticipation, I still contained myself. I love taking my time with a woman to get to know and explore every inch of her body…and that’s exactly what we did…. Being a woman, she knew all my sweet spots and just how to activate each and every one of them. Later I’d learned she watched a few of my videos…so in little to no time she had me cumming with her fingers and fabulous tongue…and for those who still have that lingering question…Yes she is 100% bisexual!!!! I’d recently ordered a couple of new dildos I wanted to use on her as well as introduce her to one of my Bad Dragon dildos….she like them all and took them very well…. After expanding each other’s pussies we focused on some soft sensual kissing, touching and fingering as we were not yet done exploring each others bodies…. I really really really enjoy her energy and sexy body…..still craving it today…. -Jewels

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