Fetish Cartel – Nika Venom Becoming Big Step-Sister s Shoe Cleaning Bitch

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Duration: 12:37s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Big Step-Sister Nika is on her bed in jeans, tank top and Converse. She complains that she is just back from the mall with her boyfriend and you’re already in her room. She knows you look at her feet and calls you out. She decides she’s going to use you to clean her shoes. With your tongue! She makes you lick all over the shoes, cleaning them. Once they are spotless, she takes them off and let’s you sniff her feet. All that foot funk. She lets you clean the inside as well. You’re such a little foot bitch. You bgi step-sister gets on her hands and knees and let’s you worship her bare feet. Then, she realizes she has more shoes and makes you clean 2 more pairs for her. Big step-sister says that you are going to be her foot shoe cleaning little slut for the rest of your life.

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