FarrahPixi – SHE Wont Stop Me

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Duration: 15:1s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Tonight is the night she learns of the true power I have over you. You cannot resist me, even with her watching us. Even with her catching us. Even with her knowing. My words and power wash over you and you cannot deny my ability to make you cum. I come over, tie you up to a chair like always, and begin teasing and edging your cock. I begin our edging session, making eye contact, seducing you with my voice telling you how badly you need this… how much you need me, controlling you, and controlling your cock… even when I choose to deny you! But TONIGHT will be special. Tonight she’s going to see with her own eyes, what we get up to together when she is not around. She’s going to become aware that I own and control you and your cock. It belongs to me. And you love it, and there’s nothing she can ever do to stop me.

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