Fallon Fairbanks – Our New Sister Pt 1 Sissy Feminization

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Duration: 8:35s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

You never were much good at being a boy, were you? No. Always scrawny and easily pushed around. What made you think college would be any different? Seriously. You thought you could get into a fraternity? Lucky for you, your two older sisters are here to help. We think it is time for you to go ahead and give up on being a boy. You are miserable at it. Why don’t you become our perfect little sorority sister instead? You know, it’s funny. We can’t help but notice the little bulge in your pants. Are you seriously into this idea/ Fine. We’ll let you rub one out for us before we get started. It would be such a shame for you to be too distracted by your sad little boner to listen to your big sisters.

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