Eva de Vil – Your Personal Prison

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Duration: 13:43s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Perhaps the tight, steely embrace of the cage doesn’t instill enough of a reminder of who owns that cock. Perhaps your chastity-addled brain is scrambling your senses. Perhaps it’s been so long that you’ve been locked up, days have blurred together in the agony of restrained arousal, that you expect SURELY, it must be time for freedom. No. Not for my prisoner. There will be no tampering with your cage. Your sentence is not quite up, but I intend to make sure that you’re aching and suffering immensely through the rest of it. I use a vibrator on your cage, cruelly withdrawing it just as you’re on the precipice of a ruined orgasm, to remind you that YOU are not in control of your pleasure.

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