Eva de Vil – Predictably Addicted

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Duration: 18:22s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Look at you. Same spot. Same position. Jerking away, as usual. My sparkling eyes pull you deeper and deeper into the goon hole. My soothing voice disarms you. This time, as you lose yourself to another night of pleasure, there will be no resistance. You’ve tried to resist before. You’ve tried to escape. But every time you do, you just come back and submit that much harder. So predictable. You need to jerk. Thinking that you can just stop jerking is as foolish as thinking you can just stop breathing. You can’t. You need it. And when you jerk, you need me. Magnetic memories of me are permanently scattered in your mind, whether you’re aroused or not, drawing you back to the woman who created them. You can’t forget about me. You will always come back. I want you to accept your addiction. You need guidance, so I’ll show you how. Follow my instructions, surrender to the trance, and I will release every last knot of tension, every wall of resistance, that remains in your mind, preventing you from fully submitting to your true identity. You will accept that you are a weak, helpless gooner. You will accept that you cannot change your reality. You do not want to change. You only want to stroke. You only want to be MY good boy.

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