Eva de Vil – Imaginary Orgasm

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Duration: 13:30s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Aww, is the denial getting to you? Unfortunately, you haven’t quite earned an orgasm yet… but maybe we can compromise. Start stroking and worshiping my perfect body. I’m giving you permission to have an imaginary orgasm. Not a real one. You’re NOT allowed to cum. But you can imagine yourself cumming. You can imagine how good it would feel to shoot a hot, wet load all over yourself. You can let your toes curl and muscles clench. You can pretend that waves of pleasure are coursing through your body. At the end of my countdown, I let you imagine that you’re having the best orgasm of your life. And if you’re EVEN MORE frustrated afterwards… well, you must have done something wrong! You need to watch this clip from the beginning and really focus on how satisfying that orgasm would feel. Wear headphones! This clip is a binaural mind fuck of contradicting whispers to break you down and build you up in your gooner training.

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