Eva de Vil – Humiliated House Boy

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I love gossiping about my subs to my friends and lovers. You give me endless entertaining stories to dish the dirt on. I know you’re pretty ashamed of some of the things you’ll do for me and you’d be mortified if anyone found out. I can imagine your face turning crimson now! But that’s exactly what I’ll do. I’m gonna tell my dates your embarrassing, perverted secrets. With every guest I bring in you’ll be wondering what I’ve told them, what they know about you. They’ll be looking at you funny and you won’t know why exactly. Maybe I’ll just make things up about you! It’ll be so hilarious for me. You’re not allowed to talk to them to clarify anything. The only time you’re to open your mouth is when I spit in it or for you to say, “yes, Goddess”. Otherwise, you have to be a perfectly behaved houseboy in front of my guests and learn that part of serving ME is being a source of entertainment. They’re not your secrets anyway. I own you therefore your secrets are mine to share.

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