Eva de Vil – Findom Craving

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Duration: 14:11s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

You get this urge to spend and you can’t rest until you satiate it. It’s burning up inside you. You’re relentlessly horny and the things you do when you’re trying not to spend are no longer working. It’s taking everything you’ve got to resist it. Just SNAP… and pay me. Let that last shred of resistance SNAP. Save us all some time and just dive right in. You know you’d only do it eventually if you don’t give in today. You’d probably just give in tomorrow because you’re so tormented by this need… And because you’re a weak little jerking addict, of course. Every time your cock gets hard, the craving creeps in… throbbing for how amazing it feels to stroke to the adrenaline and euphoria of paying. You can’t trust yourself not to go too far. But those times have been some of the hottest moments of your life, right? Maybe if you just buy this clip, you can keep fantasizing about it without actually doing it… Maybe that’ll be enough to satisfy you this time. Or maybe… you just might SNAP. Wear headphones to experience my sensual whispers.

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